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Young Farmers, #MoreThanTractors

I think many people overlook the National Federation of Young Farmers when they are looking for something new to join because they think that it is all tractors and farming, but it is so much more. Of course, to some extent you do need to be interested in farming to be part of the club because that’s who it is aimed at and those are the kinds of people you will most likely meet there. But that doesn’t mean you need to know about farming. I for one have never driven a tractor, milked a cow or helped out with lambing (although admittedly I would love to have a go at all three), and I am a Young Farmer.

The NFYFC uses the slogan #MoreThanTractors to promote the fact that we do so much more as Young Farmers. Just this year I can already count loads of fun things we have done as a club. We recently went on a skiing lesson at the Ackers, where it was many of the members first time skiing. It’s fair to say that everyone gave it a good go, some fell, but we all came out of it as better skiers, with a new skill under our belts.

On Saturday, we held our first club event of the year. A hypnotist evening for charity. We have been working up to this night for a few weeks now, with meeting to discuss the food, to make the decorations and to have a chat about what we hoped to achieve. We had a good turnout for the night and definitely raised some money for a worthy cause. This was something a bit different and I think everyone had a really great time.

This week we have a night at the local driving range. I am sure we don’t have a club full of professional golfers (I hope not, or I will look really bad!) but I know that we will all give it a good go and have a laugh.

Anyways, the point of this post was to let you know that we are more than tractors and that you should get in touch with your local club to give it a go. I guarantee that you will have a great time and learn some new skills or uncover a hidden talent. With County Rally approaching it is a great time to get involved and sign up for some competitions.

If you think you might be interested in joining, check out the NFYFC website:

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