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Worcestershire Hunt Point to Point – Chaddesley Corbett 2017

Yesterday we headed down to Chaddesley Corbett Racecourse for the Worcestershire Hunt point to point. It has been a couple of years since we have been to the point to point there as we haven’t been pointing that much in the last few years (except last year!) but we have been there before and it’s always a great one!

We packed our table (with table cloth), chairs and picnic, which consisted largely of Ragley produce (i.e. the entirety of the Hillers deli counter), tabbouleh salad, homemade lemon drizzle cake and some other bits and pieces and set off to the races.

We arrived at the point to point for 1 pm, an hour before the first race and parked up our cars. There were already lots of people there so we set out our picnic and tucked in.

Then we headed up the hill for the first time to go and check out the different trade stands and have a look at the horses for the first race. There were so many young farmers there and I even bumped into the farmer I went lambing with by the bookies.

We watched the first race from the top of the hill with no bets placed and then decided we were ready to pick a winner! We made our first selection for the second race and I headed to the bookies with my Dad to place our first bet. There is great visibility of the course from the top of the hill – you can virtually see it all the way around… Unfortunately, this didn’t assist us with selecting a winner but we crossed our fingers for the next race!

I picked our horse for the next race, Dad placed the £5 bet and we walked down the hill to watch the race… We walked down right to the track to watch the race, and to our great surprise, our horse won!

With £15 in winnings, we were feeling confident but we were rushed on making our choice for the next race. Somehow, we messed up and ended up betting on the wrong horse for the Lady Dudley Cup, it was a fantastic race but it’s safe to say we didn’t win. We had broken even on our bets and wins so decided to quit with the betting while we weren’t behind (not very confident that we would ever get ahead!)…

We watched the second to last race from the car and then headed off home to beat the influx of cars leaving at the end of the day…

Overall, it was a fantastic day and I want to thank everyone who organised it for putting it on. I look forward to Chaddesley Corbett 2018!

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