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Why I Love My Schoffel

A Schoffel gilet is the ultimate country piece, and I couldn’t live without mine! The Schoffel Lyndon is so durable and comfortable and I love to wear mine to the yard or out, as it can look really smart with a shirt – I love the Rydale shirts under a gilet.

However, it has come to a point where I will rarely leave the house without a Schoffel. It doubles as a handbag and usually has everything I need in it… When I’m at the yard it is my toolbelt and carries everything I need to lure the horses in or catch the goats. It can hold the scissors and bailing twine for fencing or a cornucopia of treats for dogs, horses and goats.

That’s what I love about good quality, purpose designed country clothing – it can be knocked about, chucked in the back of the car, washed over and over again and still look great.

A Schoffel is a perfect choice because it can be layered for warmth or worn as a lighter jacket, they are arguably the unofficial uniform of the countryside and it’s easy to see why!


Schoffel Lyndon in Navy-

Claudio Ferrici Purse- (No Longer Available)

Personalised Multitool/Pocket Knife – (Bought in Las Vegas)

Shires Lead Rope-

Kadence Hoof Pick-

Banana Horse Bix and Meadow Herb Treats- (From my Pocket!)

Poly Sheep Halter- (Bought in Keddies, Alberta, Canada)

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer- (Bought in America)

Polo Key Chain-

Old Navy Hair Bobble- (Bought in America)

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