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What your wellies say about you…

It was only going to be so long before I had to start talking about wellies in order to live up to the blog’s name. Wellies are a countryside staple. You can wear them on the farm, on the yard, to the shops and depending on the situation, at balls with formal dresses. I am a strong believer that you cant go about your life without owning a pair (or six) of wellies. But when you’re under the scrutiny of welly connoisseurs, you’ve got to get it right. So what do your wellies say about you?

1. Le Chameau-

      Le Chameau are the top of the range when it comes to wellies, there’s no faulting their impeccable quality and aesthetic. Wearers of Le Chameaus can often be seen pairing them with a Schoffel and/or black lab on their shoot or yard. They are a classic wellington boot perfect for every occasion and I’m sure aggie students will agree…

2. Hunter-

The original staple wellington boot, worn by anyone and everyone. These can be seen on the feet of almost anyone in the countryside, they are a classic boot for anyone to wear. Theres no going wrong with a pair of tall, green original hunters.

3. Joules-

Fashionable and functional boots, often worn by part-time countrysiders and equestrians. They may not stand up to the pressures of toe-squashing horses or cows, but are perfect for walking the dog or visiting a game fair. A quality welly in a pretty print.

4. Muck Boots-

Muck Boots are brilliant for those of us (and there are a good few) who have experienced the gut wrenching feeling when your boot gets stuck in the mud and you just have to let it go before you are drowned too. The muck boot is great for farmers (or equestrians with particularly muddy fields), although I think they are a boot that is never really clean again after you take it out of the box.

5. Steel Toe Wellies-

Ideal boots for farmers, particularly livestock farmers, and anyone who makes a habit of being trodden on by large animals. Another variety of boots that will probably never be clean again, but an undoubtably essential one to many people.

6. Farm Shop Own Brand-

      The unofficial uniform for any farmer, cheap and cheerful but undoubtably good value for money. There is nothing wrong with a good pair of Countrywide wellies (other brands are available!) and they should be embraced. 

*All Opinions are my own, not sponsored and are not intended to cause any offense.

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