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What I got for Christmas 2015

I hope you had a great Christmas and ate lots of good food… I certainly did! I thought I would share a couple of my presents with you because I thought they were very thoughtful and generous… I am mostly just sharing the more country themed presents with you as those will be most relevent but thank you to everyone who got me something, I love all my presents!

From my parents I got a pair of Dublin River Boots in Chocolate. These are something I have wanted for a while now and since I spend a lot of time outdoors I needed some nice tall boots. These boots are available in lots of places but mine were from Derby House. The company was very good as I initially ordered the wrong size but they were quick to resolve this problem for me. They come up fairly true to size, some people said they came up a bit small but I found my normal size was fine. I went for the wide calf and this gives a bit more room. Overall they are lovely boots and I would reccomend them so far. I will do an updated review after I have had them a bit longer. They got me a couple other things too and one is a Joules jumper which will be great for layering. Its really cute and spotty.

I got a very cool present from my Aunty this year, she got me a stool made from an old tractor seat. This was very thoughtful as she thought I could sit on it when doing revision for my GCSEs this year and also just because she knows I like these sorts of things. Its lovely quality and surprisingly comfortable to sit on! I’m not sure where she got it from but I’m sure if you search for one you will find something similar.

My sister and her boyfriend got me a very cute goat egg cup which will be great for boiled egg and toast soldiers! They also got me a subscription to a goat and sheep magazine! Its very exciting and I will write a post about it when my first copy arrives.

My other sister and my brother-in-law got me a lazy jacks jumper and its so soft and warm! It will not be seeing the yard as I have learnt that fluffy jumpers and hay don’t mix. Well they do mix but they hay never unmixes from the jumper… They also got me some handwarmers which will be great for when my hands are too cold do undo a headcollar.

My friends and me decided to do a secret santa where we each spend £25 and buy for one person. From this exchange I got the Ladies Garton Fleece Gilet with Pheasant Motif from Rydale. I love it! It’s so warm and such good value at £25. I wore it for doing some fencing the other day and it kept me very warm. I already have a schoffel gilet but I wanted something that I wasn’t afraid to wear to get mucky at the yard.

I love all of my presents and I hope you enjoyed reading what I got for Christmas this year!

**All Opinions are my own

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