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Wednesday- Competitions #NationalYoungFarmersWeek

#ThanksToYFC young farmers have the opportunity to compete in all sorts of things like traditional rural and agricultural activities, sport, art, life and vocational skills.

Competitions are a massive part of young farmers. Throughout the year there are so many opportunities to learn new skills and take part in a variety of competitions from within the club, in the county and up to national level…

One of the biggest events in the young farmer’s calendar is county rally. This is a full day of competitions ranging from the tug of war to cake decorating that anyone can get involved in regardless of experience. It’s a great opportunity to develop your skills, there’s always someone willing to help you out or impart words of wisdom before you go and make fun of yourself on stage (there’s lots of this!) or step out on the tug of war field.

In my first year of young farmers, I competed in the junior cookery. I didn’t think  I had much of a chance, but I wanted to have a go and represent my club anyway. As I was a junior, I had to make the starter for the cookery competition. I made poached eggs with asparagus wrapped in parma ham and hollandaise sauce and managed to place 2nd. This meant I would go on to compete at the Royal Three Counties show in Malvern. I managed to come second in this too!

This year I took on more in the way of competing, I cooked again, made a weathervane for the metalwork competition, did face painting and produced the junior exhibit for my club. I had great fun at rally this year and managed to come away from it with a new skill – welding!

I would urge anyone in young farmers to make the most of the competitions available. You always have great fun whether you win or lose, and it’s a great thing to be able to take part in.

If you’re not a young farmer (yet!) and you think that it sounds like fun, you can find more information about competing here.

and if you think you might want to join young farmers, you can find information about becoming a member here.

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