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Update: Young Farmers, Hunting and #studentfarmer

Last weekend we went out following our local hunt for the first time this season. It was great to get out again to see the hounds, even if it was a bit cold! But we managed to see a couple of draws and got a few nice photos. We were stopped to watch them draw a bit of cover and some muntjack deer ran out into the field. With the trees changing colour and the wildlife, it was an autumn scene fit for a postcard.

I was at the Worcestershire Young Farmers Winter Wonderland Ball last night with my club. It was a really good night out with some great people and good music! We really danced all night… They had a live band, The Tsars, who were really good and a big bar. There were dodgems too which were hilarious. Everyone had loads of fun and the committee did really well to put such a great event on.

Next Friday I am going to NFU #studentfarmer headquarters for a forum they are hosting to improve their magazine and get some feedback. It’s going to be a good afternoon  and a chance to have a look around their headquarters and meet some people involved in the student farmer magazine. If any of you are going let me know and I’ll see you there!

Next Sunday I am in a young farmers competition, it is the Junior Member of the Year competition at county level. I have to give a presentation and have a formal interview so I better brush up on my YFC facts and figures! I will probably do another post about the competition day for anyone who is interested/wants to know what the competitions are all about. That should be a good day because there are a few competitions on the day such as public speaking and group street dance. It’s always a laugh when we all get together on competition days. 

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