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Two Hunts, One Day…

On Saturday we drove out to follow the Croome, as we usually do. It was a particularly cold day so I dressed in lots of layers! We met at the venue and were provided with delicious refreshments. Chocolate brownies never go a miss in my books, even at 10 in the morning! We listened to the huntmasters speech and watched (and took photos!) as they took off cross-country. From there we followed for about half an hour before stopping for a quick tea break. Why does tea always taste better from a flask in the countryside? My Aunty had brought some bacon turnovers and sausage rolls from her local bakery so that kept us going for a while but we eventually got cold and decided to head back to the yard to check on the goats and horses, and to muck out. 

When we were just about to leave the yard, we heard some hound music. We were too far from Croome so it couldn’t be them, we guessed it had to be the Worcestershire as they tend to hunt nearer our yard. After standing in the field and trying to get a glimpse of them we decided to head back home, taking a slightly scenic route to try to find the field. We took a couple turns down small roads and came across a shoot, we figured they wouldn’t hunt too near them so turned back around and headed the other way. We turned down a small road to find lots of cars stopped and parked on the side, a tell-tale sign. So we pulled over and walked down the hill until we came across the field. They were a very friendly hunt and we got some nice photos. They were taking off cross-country so we grabbed the gate for them, one of the ladies was very greatful as she appeared to be on gate duty and didn’t realise how many there would be. She seemed very pleased not to have to hop off and back on again. Overall it was a great day with some bonus hunting!  

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