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The Unofficial (Autumn/Winter) Uniform of the Countryside…

I love autumn, partially because it means I can revert back to my staple wardrobe of jumpers and wellies without any funny looks (that’s not to say I didn’t spend most of my summer in jumpers and wellies though).

The Farmers Weekly writing competition „The best thing about young farmers is…“ announced their winner a little while back and the winning entry (by 14-year-old Caroline Whittaker) mentioned the ‚unofficial uniform of Rydale checked shirts, Schoffel gilets and polo belts‘, which got me thinking how true it was! (The piece of writing is brilliant by the way – you can read it here!)

Whenever you turn up to an event within the countryside community you are met with an overwhelming crowd of tweed and tattersall check. I thought I would compile a list of essentials, for anything from a Young Farmers doo to a morning following the hunt.

1. A Schoffel Gilet

I got my 1st one almost exactly a year ago from Phillip Morris and Son (navy), and my second one direct from Schoffel (ruby) almost exactly a month ago. Both companies were lovely to deal with and Phillip Morris and Son were great when we had to exchange it for a different size. There’s no two ways about it: they’re absolutely fabulous! So great for layering under coats and over shirts, and they can make you look a bit smarter and more put together. Plus they have zip pockets which is definitely a bonus!

2. A Good Country Shirt

Rydale makes some lovely ones for men and women, it can be really hard to find good quality, affordable country shirts for women and Rydale have some great ones. The women’s shirts are 2 for £20 (so affordable!) and I have somehow accumulated 6 now! My favourite ones are the Poacher checks and the Lucy stripes.

3. A Comfy Pair of Boots

I had Dublin River boots for Christmas and I love them! I think they’re really smart and sturdy (and comfy!). I got mine from Derby House… I would also swear by Le Chameaus even though I’ve only had mine for a short while. They were quick to wear in, they felt perfect since day one and feel such good quality! I picked mine up from Marsh Farm Supplies near Tamworth in Arden but you can get them from loads of places! Fairfax and Favor and Dubarry (to mention just a few) make some great boots too if you’ve got a bit more to spend.

4. A Long-Lasting Coat

If there’s one brand you can rely on for a lifelong-lasting coat its Barbour. In fact, mine has been around for longer than my lifetime! I have my Dad’s old Barbour Border and you can’t get anything better quality. I also have a sturdy tweed coat that I picked up from the Warwickshire Clothing Company, you often see them at Game Fairs and other outdoor events so it’s worth a stop if you see them.

If you have any more country clothing essentials leave them in a comment below or send me a tweet @woesofwellies

Here’s a list of all the brands mentioned in this post if you want to check them out:

**All Opinions are my own and are not influenced or sponsored by the brands

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