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The Game Fair at Ragley – 2016

On Saturday we went to the Game Fair at Ragley Hall. It was local to us and I love these shopping opportunities, there’s always something great to see and do.

We got there for about 11 after numerous turnarounds on the journey to get sunglasses, walking sticks, you name it! After sitting standstill traffic around the Ragley estate for a while we finally got in. I have to commend the staff at the game fair as the parking was very well organised and they were very accommodating.

We came in at Gate C and watched some of the working dog trials, I love to see the partnership between the dog and the trainer as they send them out to retrieve dummies. You can really see the bond that they have built up, its true what they say – a dog really is man’s best friend…

After watching the gun dog trials, we went to meet my Aunty. We had a walk around the rural land management area and stopped to see the lovely people at Harper Adams (and their not so lovely edible bug challenge)… We met up with my Aunty and set off to shop – the main purpose being to get my mum’s birthday present. She wanted some country boots like my Dublin River Boots so that was the day’s task.

We did eventually manage to get her some boots and she loves them! I also got to try on some le chameaus at their stand as that’s what I am hoping to get as my exam results treat (providing all goes well)!

We stopped for lunch in the food area and there was so much to choose from! I had a hoisin duck wrap with duck fat chips – it was amazing! We also got some churros with chocolate which were delicious and freshly made!

We watched some showjumping which was brilliant, I love to watch these smaller shows as it is always very exciting. There was definitely lots of talent there…

I ran into a few of my friends from Young Farmers there too so it was nice to catch up with them.  

We had a great day, there was so much to see and buy there. I can’t wait to go back next year!

**I have not been sponsored or asked to write this blog post, all views and comments are my own. I am in no way affiliated with the brands aforementioned.

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