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The Game Fair 2018

Last weekend we visited  the Game Fair which was hosted at Ragley Hall in Alcester, having been a few times in the past we jumped at the opportunity to go seeing as it was so nearby this year.

We went on the Saturday and after hearing what a scorching hot day Friday had been we were fully prepared for another hot day. The weather in the morning was perfect for walking down the rows, there are so many great vendors selling really unique products and there are lots of local producers and British artists to support too.

As well as lots of great companies selling their goods, there are also tons of fabulous food vendors about with so many delicious options to choose from. For my lunch I went for a loaded gourmet hotdog with bacon bits, cheese and BBQ sauce – delicious! There were also big slabs of meat being grilled on a BBQ, some delicious looking Fish & Chip stalls, Pimm’s cups and a personal favourite of mine – a Yorkshire Tea wagon!

There were several arenas dotted around the show that each had a programme of events that ran throughout the day. In the mini ring we caught a parade of hounds and stopped to talk to the Master that had come up with the foxhounds from a hunt down near Bristol and he had brought one hound with him that had come from our local hunt! The main ring had lots of displays and a terrier racing competition that was open to anyone to enter. Some of the little dogs really had some go in them!

The gundog area had several rings as well where we watched some displays with some Clumber Spaniels. They were very well trained and did exactly as they were told! There were gundog trials going on all day too. There is plenty to see, even if you don’t know anything about gundogs it is really interesting to grab a seat and watch for a while…

At around 3 O’Clock our luck with the weather seemed to change and it started pouring with rain. We ducked under the Karcher tent for cover until it let up, but it carried on rai

ning more throughout the afternoon so once we had looked around at everything we wanted to see we decided to head back. On our way out we saw some horses working, carting logs and doing a demonstration in the mini ring, they were huge and it was really interesting to see.

All in all, we had a great day at the Game Fair, there was so much to see and do (and buy!). It makes a great family day out and there is plenty to see and do for kids as well. You can even take your dog!

If you’re interested in going to the Game Fair next year, it will be held at Hatfield House from the 26th-29th of July! You can find more information here.

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