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#studentfarmer Blogger of the Year!

Just a quick one this weekend (but keep your eyes peeled for a stock judging one later this week as I’ve been today!)…

Back in December, just before Christmas, I was contacted by the lovely team over at #studentfarmer magazine (for the NFU) who let me know that I had been nominated as Blogger of the Year. I was really excited (and flattered, so a massive thank you to whoever nominated me!) as I had never been nominated for anything like this before… I love reading student farmer magazine and after visiting the NFU HQ last year and meeting some of the team it was very exciting. I received a call from student farmer where I took part in an interview which was great, Chad from student farmer was really easy to talk to and made me feel at ease.

A couple of days later I received an email from student farmer saying that I had won! I honestly couldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t wait for the January awards edition to come out so I could read the pieces about me and all of the other young people that had been nominated for different awards. There are some great stories in there of such inspirational people. My feature is so nice and I can’t thank student farmer enough for all of their kind words. You can find the online edition of the magazine here.

If you are a student or a YFC member you can apply for membership to the NFU completely FREE! You can sign up here and then you will receive copies of #studentfarmer and British Farmer & Grower so you can keep up to date.

You can also follow student farmer on Twitter and Instagram both at @studentfarmer…

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