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Rydale Wrelton Snaffle Loafer Review

A few Christmases ago I had some new deck shoes from Orca Bay and they quickly became my most worn pair of shoes. However they have been on some major journeys with me – not least surviving AGM in Blackpool and countless young farmers events – so when I saw that Rydale had brought out some ladies loafers I jumped at the chance to try them out to see if they would live up to my trusty decks. 

The Ladies Wrelton Snaffle Suede Loafer from Rydale is a versatile flat suede shoe with gold hardware and a small wooden look heel. They are extremely comfortable shoes – I started wearing them after my heels from my sister’s wedding gave me blisters and none of my shoes gave me any relief except for these! 

They are more dressy than a casual leather deck shoe so would look really nice with a pair of jeans or chinos to class them up a little bit. The snaffle hardware adds an equestrian flair to the shoes which I really like about them. 

I wore them to the polo at Dallas Burston Polo Club so I can safely say they have had the divot stomping test and they passed with flying colours.

They feel like really good quality, as does any other item I have tried from Rydale, and I think that they will last well.

The shoes are reasonably priced at £40 so would be a great substitute for the similarly styled Ariat Cruiser loafers for anyone on a budget – however coming from a country store you are guaranteed that extra bit of quality that wouldn’t be found on a high street alternative.

All in all, I think that they are a fabulous pair of shoes and you can expect to see them a lot more around my Instagram and other social media’s!

If you want to check them out yourself, they are available on the Rydale website and they also come in navy… 

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