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Point to Point – Upton-On-Severn

On Saturday, we went to my local hunt’s Point to Point event. We haven’t been in a few years but this year we were determined to get out to some races. The event was in Upton-On-Severn on a fairly big farm. In the morning there was a little bit of rain, so we went prepared with coats just in case, but the rain cleared up and the weather was lovely for the whole time we were there. 

We got there for the first pony race and stayed all day until the very last race. It was lovely to watch the pony racing and to see the little jockeys (some as young as 10!) really going for it. They were brilliant riders, especially for their age. The amateur races were equally as exciting with some particularly thrilling maiden races, quite a few jockeys were unseated… Hopefully, all horses and riders were okay. 

We took a lovely picnic with us, my aunt made some sandwiches: ham and coleslaw,brie and grape, egg salad and salmon; and we made a tabbouleh salad and a Caprese salad. I’m sure no one had quite as good a picnic as us! However, there was a great turnout and apparently they ran out of beer and cider at the bar!

We all had bets on the races, just a couple of pounds, to give you something to cheer for in the race. 

Because I’m not old enough to make bets, I helped my Dad to pick the horses and I think it’s fair to say I am now trusted to make these decisions after our successes. I picked the horses in a slightly more logical way than my sister, who picked the horse whose name „sounded the funniest“,  and it seemed to pay off as on one £5 bet we managed to get back £30.

Overall it was a great day, we had great weather for it (which always helps!) and we all had a lovely time. I am now really looking forward to this coming weekend as we will be attending another Point to Point which I have been generously given free entrance to by Subaru, so stay tuned for another post! 

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