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New Years Day and Resolutions…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your new year has started well… I began the new year with a morning following the hunt. They met in a lovely town centre and there were plenty of spectators out to see them turned out so smartly. Considering it was supposed to be quite wet and cold it turned out to be quite a nice day…

We didn’t follow for long as most of my family was out with us and eager for a trip to the pub! We ended up at a nice pub near my Aunty’s house and had a carvery, it was lovely although I don’t think any of us needed a carvery that close to Christmas!

This year I have decided to make some New Years resolutions which I don’t usually make (as I know that I won’t keep them) but this year I am determined to make and keep some resolutions!

Firstly, to be more organised and manage my time better. This is particularly important this year as I am doing my GCSEs. In my first step to being more organised I have ordered this weekly planner from Liberty. Hopefully this will come soon and I can get started, but I am looking forward to colour coding my events and getting organised from school work to young farmers events. Lets see how long that one lasts…

Next, I want to read more. By this I don’t mean read more Farmers Weekly or Horse and Hound… Although I probaly will! But I want to read more books. One that I have been trying to finish for a while now is Tales from the Tail end: Adventures of a Vet in Practice by Emma Milne, I have read probably half of this book, but then exams came around and I lost momentum. However what I have read of it is very funny and I look forward to reading more.

Those are all of my resolutions for now, I don’t want to start too many projects that I will probably never finish… But I am definitely going to make an effort to keep them. 

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