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New Boots, Bloated Goats & Vizsla Training

So half term is officially over and it’s back to school for me… But what a busy half term it has been!

On Sunday, I competed in the West Midlands Area round of YFC Junior Member of the year… I really enjoyed giving my presentation and having an interview. There was some stiff competition so I didn’t walk away with a place card this time but there’s always next year! 

I spent the beginning of the week having a bit of a relax and catching up on some work. I also did some writing for a Farmers Weekly writing competition about my farming hero. I really enjoyed writing it so I will probably post it on my blog at some point.

I also did a piece with Farmland UK which I’m sure you already saw but if you didn’t I will link it here.

On Wednesday, I went up to stay with my Aunty in Worcestershire as my sister was going into hospital in Liverpool. I spent a couple of days up at the yard with the goats and horses which was well needed.

I’m pleased to report that little Beattie is settling in really well… When we first got her she was quite bloated and quiet, but within th first week we brought her up to date with the boys‘ vaccinations and worming. She definitely had worms but shes much healthier and happier now. Her bloat has gone down and shes eating much better. She’s a very happy little girl with a lot of personality so I’m glad that she’s with us now!

I also spent some time (attempting) to train my cousin’s Vizsla. He has had him for around a year now and he’s very keen to learn. In the three days or so that I was with him I got him to stop racing ahead and pulling on the lead out on walks, to walking to heel and listening to me all the time. We also did some practice of retrieving which he seems to really be getting the hang of.

Another exciting thing was that my Christmas present from my Aunty finally arrived from America! She got me a pair of Ariat Hermosa boots and I absolutely love them. They are brown leather, steel toe boots which will be great for wearing to the yard and for work experience. I’m looking forward to testing them out and I will most likely do a review of these on my blog in the near future.

I spent the remainder of the half term visiting my sister in Liverpool, it was great to see her and she was looking really well.

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