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My Top 3 Country Coats: Winter 2017 Edition

It’s pretty much Christmas now (none of that – “it’s too early for the C-word” here!), so I’m declaring it definitely winter.

Winter is great because you can get out all of the jumpers, thermal leggings and thick boot socks you want, but it is also wet and rainy in England. So a good coat is essential.

I have rounded up my top 3 coats for winter (and Autumn & Spring I suppose) into a handy list for you in case you were looking to do some winter wardrobe shopping, so here it goes…

Number One – Tweed of course!

What sort of coat round-up would it be without a bit of tweed? My go-to coat for hunting or days out when I don’t know what the weather is going to do – it’s warm, pretty waterproof and hardy. If you don’t have one already you’ve probably been living under a rock – or in a really hot country!

I got my tweed for Christmas a few years ago and I wouldn’t go a winter without one now.

Mine is a Bronte one that I got from a country retailer local to me. I actually got the men’s fit because I wanted something longer that would keep me really warm – function over fashion!

There are loads of good ones out there- Rydale are really reasonable and good quality, Schoffel are very sleek and functional. I would recommend going and looking at them in person so you can get a look at the tweed in person and pick one you like!

Number Two – One to keep out the rain (and wind)!

When I started working at my local riding stables I knew there were 2 things I needed to invest in- good boots and a genuinely waterproof waterproof. I picked up one from Merrell online for around £60. I can’t seem to find it online (I did buy it back in 2013 mind) but the tag says opti-shell if that means anything to you! It’s the most waterproof coat I’ve ever worn. The zips are all sealed and the coat, although thin, is like a rubber glove on the inside and its ripstop on the outside. It’s one layer thick so there’s nowhere for the water to hide – and it doesn’t. I’ve been wearing this coat in rain so heavy that my jodhpurs are soaked through but I stayed dry on top. I think that they may have discontinued it but I know that Under Armour and Helly Hansen both have similarly impenetrable jackets if you take a look.

Number Three – A good allrounder!

A year or so ago I needed a coat that I could wear to sixth form that I could also wear to the yard, the pub, the woods, you name it – so I went to Rydale. I picked up their ‘Diamond Quilted Waxed Jacket’ in Olive. I love this coat – it is pretty waterproof, warm and good to layer under as well. It was a steal at £40 and you can order it online from their website. I would recommend this coat for the countryside or the city – I’ve even had compliments on it from people at sixth form asking where it’s from!

So whatever you’re up to this winter, I hope this has helped you pick a good winter coat! And if you’re in any doubt – a Barbour never looks out of place.

Products mentioned:

1. Bronte Men’s Tweed

2. Merrell Opti-Shell (no longer available) 

3. Rydale Diamond Quilted Waxed Jacket

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