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Monday- AGRI #NationalYoungFarmersWeek

#ThanksToYFC young farmers have the opportunity to be involved in AGRI chats and campaigns on a national level.

The NFYFC is an incredible organisation that aims to support its members in a multitude of ways, including giving us a voice on agricultural and rural issues nationally. Through the federation, they aim to promote farm safety (through campaigns such as the yellow wellies farm safety foundation), farming and food production careers, provide training opportunities and resources and so much more.

The #YFCAGRI Steering group also produce a monthly newsletter so you can keep up to date with any key events, pieces of news or opportunities available to you. You can find it here! This month’s issue has some great pieces including a chance to register for the Fertile Minds day – a day full of workshops, speakers and advice for young people (particularly young farmers) looking to go into Business; information about the world ploughing match 2016 (it was hosted around one of the girls in my club’s relative’s farm!) and  a chance to enter Young Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year (you could win £3000 to invest in your business!)… You can access a year’s worth of these archived on the website and there is some great stuff to read.

NFYFC has so much available to young people in agriculture and now, while there is so much going on, is an incredible time to access it. There are 25,000+ members of the National Federation of Young Farmers who have access to a whole host of resources via the #YFCAGRI Steering group, why not join up yourself and be a part of it!

There are clubs spread throughout 48 counties in England and Wales so to find your nearest club visit this page and get in touch with your local county! They will put you in contact with your nearest club and you can start to see the wonderful opportunities you can have #ThanksToYFC… 

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