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Meet my Goats!

Meet Will and Harry. They are my two year old pygmy goats. I got them in May 2014 and ever since they have brought nothing but fun and delight to the yard.

They are very cheeky goats and they are always playing with each other and running around. I like to take them for walks around the field and I even took them to my sisters baby shower!

We got the goats as we hoped that one day we would be able to keep them as companions for the horses, however with the sheep-tipping reputation of our 17hh+ Thoroughbred Joshua, we decided it might be best to keep them in their own pen inside the same field, but out of Joshua’s way. We bought some sheep hurdles and a pig arc (who knew that there are ZERO products on the market for goats!) and set them up in the field. 

We bring them into a stable at night where they sleep happily in a fluffy straw bed.

They are fed a pygmy goat mix with some chopped up carrots and apples, but their favourite food is hands down grapes! Who would have guessed that goats love grapes so much? But only the green ones!

I would love to start showing my goats in the near future, and I know I am biased but I think they would be cutest in show!

If you would like to see more of Will and Harry or if you have any questions about them or what its like having goats please tweet me at @woesofwellies


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