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Love British Food at the Universal Cookery & Food Festival 2018

I was asked to go to the Universal Cookery & Food Festival last week to talk to chefs about the Love British Food campaign. As I’m sure you know already we are currently in the middle of British Food Fortnight (22nd September – 7th October) celebrating all things British food and encouraging people to choose British food wherever possible.

The Universal Cookery & Food Festival was launched in 2012 and changes location each year, allowing chefs all over the country to network with farmers, producers, and suppliers within the industry.

I had never been to an event like this so went with a really open mind and I thought it was a fantastic day. It was set up really well for everyone attending to get the most out of it regardless of what your area of interest was.

We set out bright and early to get our station set up and when we arrived at Westlands in Evesham, where the event was being held, the organizers of the event were very helpful and we soon had our table all set up. The other exhibitors around us were so friendly and it was a great chance to learn about lots of different initiatives within the food industry.

It was really encouraging speaking to lots of the chefs at the event as so many of them were really passionate about using British ingredients wherever possible.

Chef Brad Carter from Carters of Moseley has a 99.9% British menu so it was fantastic to speak to him about the campaign.

Chefs Gareth & Nathan from Ynyshir in Wales were also really passionate about using local food – particularly utilising some of the fantastic rare breeds we have available.

Chef Dean Hoddle from Silverstone was also really enthusiastic about using British food in his restaurant.

So many other chefs and delegates approached us to talk to us about British food too which was amazing to see!

We were of course kept fed to the highest standard all day and there were lots of talks and debates ongoing throughout the whole day.

I would definitely reccomend it if you have the opportunity to go next year!

If you want to know more about Love British Food and how to get involved in British Food Fortnight visit:

If you want to know more about the Universal Cookery & Food Festival and how to get involved next year visit:

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