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Hunting & Exciting Projects

This weekend was a busy one we were invited to the wedding of one of my sister’s childhood best friends. On Friday night we went to the Mendhi and we attended the wedding on Saturday night but this still left time for hunting on Saturday morning!

On Saturday morning, after a late night, we headed up to West Warwickshire country for the meet. It was the children’s meet and it’s always a good one as all of the kids are out on their ponies. There was even a pony with a heart clipped onto its bum out this week!

It was snowing in Worcestershire which of course made it very cold, but set the scene nicely. Although there was no snow settling on the ground… Nevertheless, we were wrapped up in tweed and fur so the cold wasn’t a problem! I was very grateful for my Le Chameaus as I have the neoprene lined ones and they kept my feet toasty and warm.

The meet was at a large, well-known, local estate and they hunted on and around the estate. We stayed and followed for a little while but it was a very cold day and it was fairly quiet so we ended up nipping down the road for lunch.

We went for lunch at the Hillers Garden Café and I had my favourite Caesar salad and chips… We had a nice visit with my aunt and then we went home to get ready for the wedding.

Last week I was working on a few projects, one with Farmland Magazine that should be coming out soon, and another with my young farmers club that I am going to be covering on my blog. I will be letting you know more in the coming weeks about these as and when I can.

I am on half term next week and have something very exciting coming up with the lovely team at Ariat so I am looking forward to working on that.

To make sure that you are kept up to date with my latest projects, make sure that you are following me on Twitter and Instagram (both @woesofwellies) and like my new Facebook page! 

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