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Happy 2017!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you’re all well and you have has a good first week of 2017… I started the new year off with lunch in the Red Hart with my family for my Aunty’s birthday, the food was delicious as usual and I would recommend it if you’re local. It’s a country pub in Kington and they serve great food and amazing Sunday lunches with local meat. The lamb for the Sunday lunches comes from the farm I did some lambing at last year so you never know, I might just have delivered your dinner!

We spent the next day at the new years day meet which was a great day out as it usually is. We met in the town centre and there were loads of people out to see the hunt, it was great to see such a lot of support from the public. I think that the big meets are really vital as they keep the general public in the loop and introduce hunting to people who wouldn’t usually come out for it. It stayed dry  (always a bonus) and although it was cold, the sun was out and it was a lovely day. We followed for a while and although we didn’t see much, we met some nice followers and got some fresh air in the countryside.

Since then, I have mostly been revising for and doing my AS mock exams in sixth form which went ok for the most part. It’s back to school now though which definitely isn’t as fun! 

As for new years resolutions, I’m not going to make any of those cliche new years resolutions because I know I won’t keep them… I just have two goals for this year that I think are feasible (I hope) to achieve by 2018 which seems an awfully long way away. 

Firstly, I want to get my driving license. I turned 17 in September and got my provisional license as well as buying my car, so my aim for this year is to be able to drive it… This means passing my theory and practical test so wish me luck! 

My second resolution really shouldn’t be too difficult, that is to try something new with young farmers. Seeing as I didn’t make it to the meeting last week and I got signed up for the stockman of the year competition, it should be easy to find a new area to have a go at. Last year I tried metalwork and public speaking along with loads more, so this year I want to try something else… 

That’s all for now, but I assure you there will be more going on in the next few weeks. Especially if I end up in the stockman of the year competition… 

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