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Five Foot Followers You Might Find at Your Local Hunt

These people or someone similar exist at every hunt. Wherever you go, whichever hunt you follow, you must have seen at least one of these people! (these aren’t meant to be anyone, in particular, they are just general observations and jokes!)

1. Tea-Flask Tim

Tim has been following the hunt for years, he sets out in his car in the morning with his wife – who probably doesn’t want to be there as much as he does, his tea flask – an essential on cold mornings, his sandwiches – so he can stay out all day obviously and his binoculars– so he can always get a good view. (I think most cars probably have a Tea-Flask Tim or at least a tea flask!)

2. ‚Gate Please!‘ Gabby

Gabby either doesn’t have a pony of her own or isn’t allowed out hunting, so she tries to get involved in the hunt in other ways. Any other ways. She’s often seen hanging around the horse boxes in case anyone needs a hand or waiting by the gate so that no-one has to stop and get off to close it or open it. She’s desperate to get out hunting any way she can!

3. Newbie Nick

This is Nick’s first season following the hunt. He recently moved to the countryside or has married into a country family. He will stick out like a sore thumb without any of the gear (oh no my new trainers are ruined!) and doesn’t really know why he is there or what is going on… You might catch him exclaiming things like „argh it’s too muddy!“ or „it’s too early for this!“… Little does he know, most of the field has been up since dawn plaiting, brushing, polishing and tacking up – all he had to do was turn up!

4. All the gear, no idea Alice

Alice can be spotted by her brand new, very clean, very green Le Chameau wellies or her spotless Schoffel (maybe even in Raspberry). Alice doesn’t come from a hunting family so makes a special effort to dress the part to not be caught out. Alice might be heard squealing „oh look the puppies are barking!“ at the sound of hound music or something similar. She will be at the hunt ball looking a lot more at home than she did in the field.

5. Farmer Fred

Fred’s family farm in the area and the hunt might even be crossing their land that day, he knows all the terrier men, the MHF, and the whippers-in. He was a member of the local YFC club a few years ago, (and possibly still is as an associate member) so knows most of the county. He’s at every meet he can get to and makes the most of the hospitality (who doesn’t love the homemade fruit cake and port?). Everyone knows Fred by the end of the season.

Have you come across any of these foot followers at your local hunt? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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