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Farm Safety Week 2017 – Who would fill your boots?

It’s #FarmSafetyWeek and it’s really important that everyone gets on board to spread this important message that farm safety is a LIFESTYLE, not just a slogan! 

It might be farm safety week this week but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be at the forefront of your minds and prevalent in your workplace all the time. With around 30 people every year losing their lives in farm related incidents there is no time to waste.

The farm safety foundation, perhaps better recognised by their famous yellow wellies, is the organisation behind the farm safety week campaign. 

They are a non-profit organisation working to educate young farmers and entrants into agriculture on the importance of farm safety. 

In an industry where working with 20-ton machinery is the daily routine and pushing around a 1200lb cow is standard practice you have to constantly have your wits about you and in the wise words of the Wurzels & their support to the campaign(who else could I quote?) – farm safety is the key! 

The yellow wellies campaign has been brilliant in the last few years at spreading the message about farm safety and getting the farming community on board!

So remember… Be safe, be seen, be smart and ask yourself – who would fill your boots?

Farm Safety Foundation: **All Opinions are my own and are not influenced or sponsored by the brands

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