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Dublin River Boots Review

For Christmas this year, I had a pair of Dublin River Boots. These are something I have been after for a while now as I wanted some long boots to wear to the yard and out and about that weren’t my wellies. Because although I love my wellies, and I am gathering quite the collection, you just can’t live in them (apparently, I wasn’t aware of this…).

Anyway, I decided I wanted a pair of country boots as they are smart (when clean) but you aren’t afraid to go traipsing through muddy fields in them. I did a bit of research into which ones to get and I came across a few styles I liked, but decided that the Dublin River Boots were a tried and tested favourite by many in the equestrian/agricultural community.I had heard some negative, but mostly positive feedback about them so decided I would take my chances and put them on my Christmas list.

I got mine in the chocolate brown colour and in a size 6 in the wide fit as I wanted them to be comfortable and not tight around my calves and this was a good decision as they are true to size. The boots are very attractive with the lighter leather strips and are sturdy and hard wearing. They are comfortable to wear though a bit tricky to get on and off as they don’t have a zipper or fastening (similar to wellies) and the leather isn’t as flexible as wellies. However, this isn’t an issue at all when armed with a boot puller and shoe horn. So far my boots have stood up to mud at they yard and in the hunting field and I often receive compliments when I wear them to Young Farmers meetings.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these boots to other people as they are a good price for the quality and a lovely boot to wear with jeans or jodhpurs. I will leave the link to the shop where I got mine from here (Derby House) in case you want to have a look!

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