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Countryside Alliance Badges: New & Old

Today the Countryside Alliance made their new badges available to purchase from their website. They launched their new logo and branding in February this year, this was the first change they have made to their logo in 10 years. The new logo was designed by Steve Edge who has worked for Fortnum & Mason, Purdey and lots of other big names. I think that this logo will do wonders for the Countryside Alliance and, although we will all miss the old one, it will soon become a staple for the brand. 

I was lucky enough to win one of the new badges on one of their Twitter giveaways and I have been wearing it ever since. However, they are now available to buy for £4.99 here sp you can wear yours with pride too…  Today when I was on their website after clicking the link to see that they had launched their new badges, I noticed another badge that they had for sale. This was the old style British Field Sports Society pin. It instantly reminded me of the badges I had found on my Granddads old Barbour when we got it out last year. I went into my wardrobe to have a look at the badges just out of interest and to my surprise (and delight!) it was the exact same badge that was out of stock on the Countryside Alliance website! I had to take a picture to make a comparison of the two and they make a great pair so I think they might have to live together on my tweed coat or one of my schoffels. 

Hopefully, I will be doing some more lambing over Easter so stay tuned for that and I hope all of you are having a good lambing season! 

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