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Country Clothing Essentials

Everyone needs a good outdoor wardrobe, especially in the UK where it is always rainy or windy. So I have compiled a list of my top five country clothing essentials for all year round.

1. A good coat

This has got to come at the top of my list because your coat is the top layer, it is what is going to make the difference between you being cold and miserable all day or warm and toasty. My top two coats are my tweed coat from the Warwickshire Clothing Company and my Barbour Border (these are best inherited).

2. A decent pair of boots

My favourite boots at the moment are my Dublin River Boots in Chocolate. They are comfortable and warm, but most importantly keep my feet dry. Muck boots also deserve an honourable mention as they will stay on your feet in the stickiest of mud and keep your feet warm and dry all day.

3. A warm gilet

This is a key item for winter, gilets are great for layering or to wear over a shirt. Schoffel are unbeatable when it comes to gilets, they are without doubt the warmest, and most comfortable. They come in a great range of colours too. If you are looking for something a bit less espensive Rydale offer some great gilets too.

4. Socks!

Long boot socks are an essential item. Wooly ski-socks are a good option, but so are welly socks. Joules make some nice ones with attractive toppers to turn over your boots. Hunter also have welly socks like this.

5. A hat or ear warmer

I love to wear my fur ear warmer at the yard in the winter, I got mine from a horse show a few years ago and cant remember what brand it is, but this one is similar. Another option is a wooly hat, these Amelia Jane London ones which are very popular at the moment and come in lots of different colours.

I hope you liked this list, and got some good ideas on how to update your country wardrobe.

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