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Christmas Countdown Day Two! – Christmas Jumpers

One of my favourite things about Christmas is breaking out my Christmas jumpers. I have got a few, one of my favourites is this one from Sainsbury’s with a sheep on it saying Baa Humbug!

I am also a fan of some of the more subtle Christmas jumpers, and I have put this one (also from Sainsbury’s!) into my jumper rotation, and I’ve been wearing it to sixth form since the start of December!

I thought I would pick out a few of my favourite Christmas jumpers that I’ve seen available this year to showcase them!

Firstly, this one from Rydale (big surprise, when do my posts not feature Rydale!). This is a really cute Christmas jumper in a fair isle style, but it has a farming twist as one of the lines in the pattern is a row of tractors! This would be a great gift for the farmer in your life, and a perfect outfit for a young farmers christmas meal… It’s a steal at only £15, and although it is in the mens section, ladies could definitely pull it off too!

Another lovely one is this Joules festive Game Bird jumper, I love the colour of this one and the design. It has a few touches of glitter and it would look really nice with a tweed skirt I think as it isn’t as patterned as some. It is a little bit more expensive at £49.96, but will last you ages as you only wear it a couple of times a year, and doesn’t seem to be available on the Joules website any more but you can find it here.

The last one I have picked out is this fair isle one from Fat Face, I have a few bits and bobs from Fat Face and it always seems like really good quality. This Christmas jumper is another one you could probably get away with wearing all December, it comes in a few different colours but I think that the navy one might be my favourite! This one is available on the fat face website for £45.

I hope you have enjoyed day two of the countdown to Christmas, be sure to check back for another post tomorrow!

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