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Cesca Beswick – #FabulousYoungFarmers

Francesca (Cesca) Beswick is a member of two Young Farmers Clubs: Silsoe in Bedfordshire and Sandbach in Cheshire. 25-year-old Cesca is also an active member of Ladies & Livestock and the National Farmers Union.

Cesca comes from a long line of dairy farmers, so it was only natural for her to join up and become a member of the National Federation of Young Farmers. Her friends were what sparked her interest in young farmers, and she has been an active member ever since.

‘My friends asked me if I wanted to join, so I joined and started to get involved.’

Cesca has been a member of her local young farmers club for longer than she can remember and has had some great experiences. Her favourite thing about being a Young Farmer is the support she receives from her friends and fellow farmers.

She has accomplished a lot as a Young Farmer, one of these things has been being a Judge at the International Cheese Awards. However, her greatest achievement to date has been establishing her own flock of sheep. As her family’s agricultural business lies mainly in dairy cows, she had never had much to do with sheep until they needed to start grazing some smaller paddocks. She keeps these sheep while still helping out on her family farm with milking and other tasks.

‘I’d say my biggest achievement in farming is starting a flock of sheep from nothing. We’ve always been dairy farmers so sheep wasn’t ever really on my agenda until we needed to graze the fields over winter with sheep and some small paddocks which aren’t easy for the cows to graze.’

Although extremely busy with the agricultural aspects of her life, Cesca also manages to run a lifestyle and farming blog where she writes about her day to day life. She has segments such as ‘Have I got news for ewe’ and posts about her sheep, chickens and cattle.

If you want to keep up with Cesca and her farming adventures, you can follow her blog: Cesca on the farm and she is also on Twitter @Cesca_Beswick.

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