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Baby Claas Sit n Ride Tractor Review

Being a Young Farmer and lover of the outdoors, I thought it was my responsibility to buy the perfect outdoorsy gift for my one year old niece Sophie for Christmas. And what could be better than a tractor? Clearly a real tractor is a little out of my usual budget and also she is a bit young so I had to get creative.

I’m sure you’ve seen those ride on tractors you can get from toy shops for kids but for reference I’ll put a photo in. But thats what I ended up getting her, and guess what – she loves it! I went for a Claas model, one of my personal favourite makes and its gorgeous! It took an hour or so to put together as it was quite tricky and you needed to make the holes for the screws yourself… But nevertheless it turned out quite well. Sophie opened it on Christmas day and hopped on straight away. Its just the right size for her to sit on but will definitely last her a year or so and seems like the sort of thing that could be passed down.

Overall its a lovely gift, it wasn’t too expensive compared to some, but it doesn’t have the pedals like some of the larger models. This is perfect for a little tot like her and I think it will become a firm favourite. She very much enjoys hitching and unhitching the little trailer that comes with it.  

I’ll inlcude a link to the one I got here:


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