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AgriBuy- a Modern Agricultural Marketplace

We have been talking about getting a little run around tractor for up at the yard for a few years now but not actively looking for one… We’ve constantly got an ear out in case anyone we know is selling a used one locally, but it’s difficult because as soon as you hear of a good one it has more often than not been snapped up before you can get out to see it!

It’s incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate which is definitely a bonus. Anyone can list their used machinery, it’s free and easy to register and you can list things for free… They claim that you can post a sale in under 3 minutes which is really convenient and means that anyone can do it.

The website is designed to work on your computer and your mobile devices which makes it really easy to browse wherever you are and whenever you get a spare minute. This is really useful for someone like me as I can hop on the website for a couple of minutes to check for new stock, a much more efficient way of shopping than just asking around locally.

They are paired with some leading finance companies which can provide good options for you to make your purchases. But I’m sure that farmers being farmers will shop about for the best deal regardless!

I think that it is definitely worth a look for anyone wanting to buy or sell used agricultural machinery. You can visit the website here:

** Disclaimer- I have written this post in collaboration with AgriBuy, however, all opinions and points are my own and are honest.

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