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A Rather Eventful Day

I had quite an eventful day yesterday… It was my Aunty’s Birthday so we went to see her and as it was a Tuesday, we decided to follow the Croome & West Warwickshire Hunt which is always a great morning with brilliant hospitality.

However the day began less smoothly as while we were about to leave our house to drive up to Worcestershire, my hand got slammed in the car door. We have a Land Rover Discovery so that means heavy doors and lots of force needed to shut them. This combined with my fingers being in the car frame led to a lot of pain (but no broken bones!) on my behalf and a slightly bent out of shape door… Oops! Nevertheless I am assured that I got off lightly compared to what could have happened had I been in a Defender…

When we eventually made it to my Aunty’s House we gave her her gifts and then left to go to the place the hunt was meeting. It was a nice farm (very muddy!) and there were plenty of glasses of whisky and sausage rolls to go around. We followed for a while and then went to the pub for a nice meal.

To top it all off, when I got home I smashed a glass and cut my foot! Despite all the accidents I had a great day and loved seeing the hounds and all the people out at the meet. 

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