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A Morning Shooting

Earlier this year my Mum bought me and my Dad a clay pigeon shooting experience day. My Dad has shot before in the past and even had a driven Pheasant shoot at one point, but I had never done it. Knowing I was keen, she thought it would be a nice thing for us to do and a fun morning out.

We booked it for this weekend at the Hereford and Worcester Shooting Grounds and set off this morning to go! When we got there we sat down with the other six people (there were eight in total) and chatted a bit while we waited for the instructor. It was quickly revealed that the only people that had shot before in the group were my Dad and one other man…

Our instructor came and introduced himself, we then walked out to the traps where we had a thorough talk about safety and found out which was our dominant eye. We learnt how to hold the gun and then it was our turn to have a go. Everyone was excited to have a go, and soon it was my turn. To my surprise, I hit my first clay.

We moved around to different stations and tried the different bird simulations, my favourite was definitely the one that came from a trap near the station and came out in front of you. Although the one where two clays were fired at once was good fun too. I managed to get them both in one shot!

When we finished shooting we went into the lodge for some vegetable soup and a cup of tea. This was much appreciated after standing in the cold all morning!

Overall we had a great morning, we learnt a lot and had great fun. Our instructor was very patient and helpful… I would definitely recommend a day like this to anyone looking to try clay pigeon shooting, and the Hereford and Worcester Shooting Ground is a great place to try it if you are local.

If you would like to look into it, their website is here.

**All opinions are my own and not sponsored.

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