Tuesday- Travel #NationalYoungFarmersWeek


#ThanksToYFC young farmers have the opportunity to travel all over the world for work and fun!

Although the NFYFC operates in England and Wales, that doesn’t mean it stops there! Every year there are several trips available to members, YFC can take you to places such as Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Uganda and so many more! The possibilities are endless from homestays with families in different countries, work scholarships all over the world, team travel with friends and ski trips, as well as hosting international exchangees.

It is an incredible experience to visit new places as well as experiencing and learning about agriculture in other cultures. Just one example of this is an exchange that takes place with the 4H club in Canada. You can experience what young people on the other side of the world have to do with farming, how it differs from agriculture in the UK, and you can also make amazing connections and friends from experiences you will never forget.
Harvest in Canada (photo by Nordstrom Farms)
For those not so willing to hop on a plane and fly across the ocean, there are more local exchanges with clubs within the UK. This enables you to make friends a little closer to home, while still having an exciting adventure and trying something new.

So many people have had great experiences with their #YFCTravel trips. People from my club have been everywhere with YFC from Jersey to New Zealand! Check it out on social media and see the kinds of things you can do.

If you are a young farmer and you want to get involved in the great travel experiences available to you, you can find more information on upcoming trips here

Or if you aren’t a young farmer (yet!) and you think this sounds like something you would be interested in, then you can get some information about joining and finding your nearest club here

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  1. Nice to see you added the photo of the Nordstrom family farm harvest. They have gone to 4 combines this year with 35 ft draper headers, to try and get the grain in before winter weather. When they take of this much grain, it may be tuff, so at this farm they bag it in the field when they exceed the grain dryer capacity. Although Brent tells me this is not an overly large farm, it is certainly substantial. He would be pleased to see your post.

  2. Forgot to mention that the farm is in North Star, Alberta and the photo was taken from the tractor cab while chasing the combines with the grain cart.


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